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Simplified DICE model

Climate Model
Integrated Assesment Model
DICE Model

A simplified Integrated Assesment Model calibration and projection.

Supervised LDA

topic modelling

A hybrid between unsupervised and supervised learning that improves topic modelling by including guiding external information. In this post I go over Blei and Mcauliffe (2008) model with comments and derivations.

Estimating a simple regression on TensorFlow

Tensor Flow

For those that know very well regressions but not so much about Tensor Flow, it is always a good idea to learn in a familiar enviroment.

Building a DNN from scratch in Julia

Neural Networks
Deep Learning

This post shows how to build a deep neural network from scratch in Julia for the classic appication of building a clasifier of images of cats

A walk through the math of LDA

topic modelling

LDA has become an industry standard for topic extraction, this post revisit the math behind the model, from words to numbers.

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Code Examples